February 2021 Vipassana retreat

Meditation: if we notice over and over and over and over that something is not self, something is suffering, something is transient, we just one day wake up having made the flip that that is actually the case?

Mindful sitting then walking, noting: eventually my attention knows it can do this on its own, begins to have more thoughts because there is plenty of room to have thoughts, because it’s always been able to do all these things at once. In order to stay focussed on the body I change my walking, so that new sensations come in, which are interesting for the attention to observe. Walking strangely is like giving a gift to the attention which being told to be fairly narrow and steady.

Insight?? This ability of the awareness / attention to be broad and to handle things is what enables enough space for thinking mind / thoughts, (which are goddam useful, love you thoughts!)

Published by Jessica

Changing the system I set out to observe. Also bi & poly.

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