Permission To Trust Your Feelings

My friend @HanjoYoutaku has many gifts, but one of them is giving people permission to be spiritual. He doesn’t necessarily set out to do that, it’s a product of his vibe, one he has built for himself under intense spiritual circumstances. He is extremely affirming of people’s spiritual paths, particularly the ones that they areContinue reading “Permission To Trust Your Feelings”

February 2021 Vipassana retreat

Meditation: if we notice over and over and over and over that something is not self, something is suffering, something is transient, we just one day wake up having made the flip that that is actually the case? Mindful sitting then walking, noting: eventually my attention knows it can do this on its own, beginsContinue reading “February 2021 Vipassana retreat”

Contemplation Field Notes

Sometimes, I’m imagining. Sometimes, I’m remembering. Sometimes, I’m looking. Sometimes, I’m listening. Sometimes, I’m experiencing physical sensations. Sometimes, I’m aware of “lost time”, as if I have just resumed consciousness. I have no memory of the intervening time.  Sometimes, I’m talking to myself. Sometimes, my flesh hurts. Sometimes, my organs gurgle. Sometimes, I’m surprised. Sometimes,Continue reading “Contemplation Field Notes”

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